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We are one of the leading water well drilling & exploration companies in Mongolia

Operating in Mongolia since 2002 , CZEMUS LLC. is a subsidiary of Vodni Zdroje Prague, one of the largest and most well-established companies in Czech Republic in the field of hydrogeology, water well drilling and environmental services. For the past two decades and beyond, we have been offering our services to a large number of customers in Mongolia. Every year we implement something new and make our services more valuable.

Deep ground water well drilling & exploration in Mongolia

Using geophysical electric technologies, we identify which spots are ideal for new water wells. Once the water well location is mapped, our specialists confirm its validity further by using bio-energy sensitivity reader devices.

CZEMUS LLC offers the following major services to our valued customers in Mongolia:

Water Exploration

We use geophysical electric methods to locate the best-suited spots for new water wells. These geophysical devices were manufactured in Czech Republic. Once the water well location is chosen, our specialists confirm its validity by using bio-energy sensibility devices.

Combinational use of these two methods is very popular around the world and the accuracy of its result is very high. We take full responsibility in finding the right spot for your new well and results are guaranteed.

Water Well Drilling

Our machineries and equipments were directly imported from Czech Republic. Our drill rig is Wirth B1A (Germany made) and we use percussion drilling with down-hole hammer technology, namely Atlas Copco HP 84 and the compressor of same make. Its maximum pressure is 25 bars and volume is 455 liters-air per second.

This technology is convenient for all types of solid soils that contain tough, hard rocks as it allows the drilling process to be completed very quickly and effectively. Another advantage of this technology is its ability to indicate the exact level and amount of water during the drilling process. This makes it possible to stop drilling as soon as the optimal depth is reached.

We are fully equipped to begin the drilling process with 325 mm in diameter and finish it with 254 mm or eventually 204 mm in diameter. The depth can be as deep as 150 meters. Once the drilling is complete, we put down PVC-U or steel casings and screens of 125 to 200 mm in diameter. A gravel pack is placed around the screen neck and it is sealed with cement. Finally, the well mouth is covered with a steel cup.

After all of these operations, the new well is activated and cleansed for clean water. Exact water level is dynamically indicated as we complete the process and we take water samples for laboratory testing. Every customer obtains technical report of such test, in which all chemical parameters of ground water are described in detail.

Pump Installation

Based on our own pumping tests, we do recommend the best type of pump for your new well. We do install pumps to an optimal depth. Quite evidently, the type of pump to be installed largely depends on an estimated volume of water consumption from the well in an hour or day.

We offer many types of submersible pumps, mostly made in EU countries. All other materials for installation, such as special cables and connectors, plastic water pipes, and automatic water stations, etc., are also brought from Europe. In order to save your water source during winter season, we offer electric heating cables.

Past Projects Overview

In the past two decades or so, we've completed hundreds of water well drilling, exploration, pump installation and well construction projects in various provinces and territories in Mongolia. As an example, most recently, we've successfully carried out the drinking water resources rehabilitation project for the City of Ulaanbaatar.

Between 2011 and 2013, within the framework of the Development Assistance Program, financed by the Government of the Czech Republic, extensive drinking water wells renewal and rehabilitation projects were completed with great results. Total of 68 water wells within the Ulaanbaatar City's water supply infrastructure were renewed and rehabilitated. Hardware and technology upgrades were done for 28 water wells and 18 new observation wells were also drilled. These undertakings were carried out by VODNÍ ZDROJE LLC Prague, in cooperation with Mongolian businesses USUG LLC and CZEMUS Co.Ltd.

We also drilled 30 new water wells in territories of 16 municipalities of Bulgan Province. The main purpose of the project was to solve the critical water scarcity situation faced by these remote areas. Drillings were done in a wide range of geological conditions and depths varied between 30 to 130 meters. All wells were equipped with submersible pumps operated by a gasoline generator. Operators of these new wells were also trained in maintenance and proper using of pumping technology. Measurable improvements were made in the living conditions of herders and nomadic families in those rural areas, allowing them to remain in their traditional territory.

Чемус ХХК | Czemus LLC | Importer of Czech technologies, products and know-how into Mongolia

... We offer the complete package: one-stop-shop services, such as site exploration, identifying the best location for new water well, drilling, pumping tests, pump installation and automated water station installations. Our technologies are fully compliant with EU standards and of high quality, imported directly from Czech Republic and other EU countries ...